LeDeR is a service improvement programme for people with a learning disability and autistic people.

Established in 2017 and funded by NHS England and NHS Improvement, it's the first of its kind. LeDeR works to:

  • improve care for people with a learning disability and autism
  • reduce health inequalities for people with a learning disability and autism
  • prevent people with a learning disability and autism from early death

From late 2021 LeDeR will include improving services for autistic people too.

LeDeR reviews

A LeDeR review looks at key episodes of health and social care the person received that may have been relevant to their overall health outcomes. We look for areas that need improvement and areas of good practice. We use these examples of good practice to share across the country. This helps reduce inequalities in care for people with a learning disability. It reduces the number of people dying sooner than they should.

So far, we’ve completed over 9000 reviews. We have found out lots of information and learning on the best way to carry out these reviews. We use the data and evidence to make a real difference to health and social care services across the country.

Soon, you will be able to tell us about the deaths of autistic people who do not have a learning disability.

How LeDeR fits with existing local and national reviews of deaths

There are several different review processes for people who die. For example:

  • child death review
  • safeguarding adults’ review
  • review of deaths of people in hospitals

If this is the case, we will work together to try to avoid unnecessary duplication. Reviewers will make it clear to families where and how the LeDeR process links with other reviews or investigations.

Annual reports