Who does what in LeDeR

Local integrated care systems (ICSs) are responsible carrying out the LeDeR review. Before 2021, it was the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) responsibility. Local integrated care systems (ICSs) responsibilities:

  • help to improve the quality of services for people with a learning disability
  • reduce health inequalities
  • reduce premature mortality

Because of the new policy, some of the roles and responsibilities in LeDeR have changed. Below is an outline of the key roles and changes.

National LeDeR team 

NHS England and NHS Improvement are employers of the national LeDeR team.

The national LeDeR team responsibilities:

  • helps to support CCGs and ICSs to complete LeDeR reviews
  • use the information to change and improve the way they provide services in their area
  • help systems to learn from one another about learning and good practice
  • make sure that there is an academic partner to support the programme
  • commission a web platform to help reviewers complete reviews

Regional coordinators 

We have 7 NHS England and NHS Improvement learning disability and autism teams across the country. A regional coordinator from each region is a part of the teams and provides oversight for LeDeR.

Regional coordinators responsibilities:

  • provide operational support for local area contacts (LACs) and reviewer teams
  • act as a point of escalation for unresolved local issues

Local area contact (LAC) 

From 2021, the LAC role will sit in the ICS. There is now greater independence between the review team and the LAC.

The LACs responsibilities:

  • acts as the contact for the NHS England and NHS Improvement regional coordinator
  • liaise with the review team
  • promotes LeDeR at a local level across health and social care

Reviewer teams

Review teams include reviewers and senior reviewers. The review teams’ responsibilities:

  • carry out LeDeR reviews in a professional, compassionate, and caring way
  • treat bereaved family members and loved ones with respect, compassion and courtesy
  • share their findings with the local governance group or panel

Other stakeholders

  • Local governance group and panel – this group sits at ICS level. It will complete the final sign off on reviews for that ICS area. The group will determine the actions to take and develop and monitor the ICS LeDeR local action plan
  • Independent advisory group – provides expertise and advice on premature mortality of people with a learning disability. The group recommends and provides the approach for implementing the actions from learning